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The secret to planning a meaningful and memorable overseas trip is having access to the right information. The right information leads to better decisions about where to go, what to do and how to do it. To help you plan the trip of a lifetime, we have organized the following collection of useful links:

Adventure Travel News


Cultural Travel

Purposeful Travel

Tour Groups

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Adventure Travel News

Frequent and experienced adventure travelers want to stay up on the latest adventure travel news. These are some of the best news websites for adventure travel:

Adventure Herald              

Adventure travel news and information publication.

Adventure Travel Trade Association    

Empowers the global travel community to protect natural and cultural capital while creating economic value that benefits both trade members and destinations.

KE Adventure Travel 

Creating real adventures in travel for more than 35 years.


Your source for outdoor, snow sports, and adventure travel news.

Lonely Planet         

Valuable information about every possible destination available online, through apps, on television and in print. Informs and inspires travelers with trusted content from experts who visit every destination.

Wired for Adventure         

An adventure travel website, produces Adventure Travel Magazine.



Did you know that there are people who devote much of their lives to experiencing meaningful and memorable travel adventures? What if you could benefit from their years of travel experience and avoid learning the hard way? There are many wonderful travel bloggers who love to share their travel experiences with other people. As a service to you, we have assembled one of the best directories of popular travel bloggers available. The bloggers are organized by area of interest to make it easier to find what you’re looking for:



Award winning








Solo Female

Travel Tips

With full-time job



Atlas & Boots 

An outdoor travel blog covering thrilling activities in far-flung places, be it swimming with whales in Tonga or trekking volcanoes in Vanuatu. Although Peter Watson and Kia Abdullah started on opposite ends of the outdoor spectrum, over the years they drew each other towards the middle; to what they describe as outdoorsy-ish.

Backpacking Matt          

Matt Kyhnn is better known as Backpacking Matt, a travel blogger who explores the world but has expertise in New Zealand backpacking. The blog is an adventure and lifestyle blog that features photos and stories of Kyhnn’s travels around New Zealand and the world. Readers will discover destination-specific travel advice, adventure and exploration stories, travel reviews, and inspiration for taking their own adventures.

Monkeys and Mountains               

Laurel Robbins, founder of Monkeys and Mountains, shares her adventures with nature and wildlife to inspire you to plan your next vacation in the outdoors. The travel blog includes travel hacks, outdoor adventures in destinations around the world, travel tips, and information about various cultures

Pause the Moment 

Ryan Gargiulo is a blogger, digital influencer, and world traveler who has a serious passion for adventure. He started Pause the moment a few weeks before he set out for his first European backpacking trip to document his travels and keep his parents updated. The site has grown and evolved to become an inspirational travel blog that centers on adventure travel, location independence, and living a full life. Readers rely on Ryan ‘s blog to learn tricks for traveling more frequently, adventurously, and affordably.

Wild Luxe  

Misha, mother of two, combated cancer by unleashing her adventurous side. Her honesty and experiences make her more than a survivor: she’s an inspiration to live life everyday like you’re alive.


Against The Compass         

An alternative travel blog that aims to help you to travel to the most unusual and off the beaten track destinations. Joan works hard to break stereotypes and inspire you to get out of the comfort zone.

Anywhere We Roam          

Mark and Paul are always looking for answers. Whether discussing politics with locals in a city bar, understanding unusual rock formations in spectacular scenery or working out the meaning of life in an obscure gallery in the middle east. Their questions drive their passion for independent travel and invoke their curiosity to see the world through the eyes of locals — and sharing it with you.

Gotta Keep Movin’             

Emma Higgins’ travel blog is a different sort of blog because it dedicates a year to one region of the world at a time. As such, GKM features immersive travel stories and inspirational posts about the culture of travel in the hopes of inspiring you to travel and pursue your own passion every day.

Under 30 Experiences                    

Founded in 2012 with the mission of making travel more accessible to young people,

Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole traveled across the globe, getting to know locals and finding off the beaten path experiences. With the help of their local friends, amazing network of boutique hotels, and the desire to make a positive impact on local communities, their company was named one of the fastest growing private companies ‍in America by Inc. 5000.

Award winning

A Little Adrift         

Shannon O’Donnell has been named the National Geographic Traveler of the Year. A grassroots tourism advocate, Shannon began traveling in 2008 and has been promoting responsible tourism and inspiring others to travel with her stories at A Little Adrift.

Amateur Traveler               

Chris Christensen started The Amateur Traveler podcast in 2005, and he continues to produce shows and blog about his travels on his award-winning travel podcast and blog. Christensen’s goal is to help his audience, whether they listen to or read his content, decide where to go for their next adventure. Today, Amateur Traveler is a mashup of videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts, written by Christensen and his team in addition to a few guest bloggers, that are sure to motivate you to travel.

Borders of Adventure        

Becki Enright is the British Travel Press Award-winning travel writer behind Borders of Adventure. The blog is a leading travel resource combining destination inspiration with social, historical, political, and cultural reporting. If you want to travel responsibly and with a purpose, you need to read Borders of Adventure.

Bucket List Journey 

Annette White is the author of Bucket List Adventures and creator of Bucket List Journey, an award-winning travel blog. She is driven by collecting experiences and checking off her bucket list of adventures. The blog itself covers travel, food, lifestyle, tips and resources, and much more for readers who have their own bucket lists of adventures to take.

The Insatiable Traveler                 

Susan Portnoy, The Insatiable Traveler, uses award-winning photography and storytelling to engage readers and inspire them to set out on their own adventures to connect with people and places in a new way. Susan especially enjoys traveling to exotic destinations such as Bhutan, Machu Picchu, Mongolia, and Myanmar, and she shares her inspiration and tips to help you embrace your spirit of adventure.

Nomadic Matt       

As a New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and founder of one of the biggest travel blogs online, Matt has helped millions of people to travel more with his useful tips and advice. Matt didn’t take his first overseas trip until he was 23, but he is certainly making up for it now.

Ordinary Traveler               

Ordinary Traveler is the award-winning travel blog by Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore. Christy is a full-time travel photographer and professional blogger, and Scott works for a software company and travels as much as possible. They named their blog Ordinary Traveler because they want to remind people that not everyone has to become a nomad to enjoy traveling or take time for adventures. Today, the blog includes travel tips, resources, destinations, Christy’s breathtaking photos, and much more for people who want to travel whenever they can.

Roads & Kingdoms             

Award-winning travel experience website, winning a 2019 National Magazine Award for best lifestyle/service website, 2018 Primetime Emmy for their Anthony Bourdain series, and 2017 James Beard Publication of the Year award. Dedicated to a simple idea: the more you know, the better you travel.

Rachel Roams        

After shining behind the scenes, Rachel finally got in front of the camera to put a lens on the world. Seen in Thrillist, the Travel Channel, and an Emmy award winner, she partners up with Andrea for How 2 Travelers.


The Blog Abroad                

With a powerful and memorable voice, Glo pens her adventures as a black American woman taking on the world. From festivals to beaches, Gloria Altanmo will warm your heart with her smile and passion.

Daytrips and Lipsticks                    

Karina is a Colorado Native, part-time esthetician and part-time world traveler. She shares budget travel tips and inspiration.

Just One-Way Ticket          

From Malaysia’s islands to volunteering in wildlife orphanages in Africa and uncovering the less glamorous side of the Philippines. Sabrina Lovino’s blunt, whole-hearted adventures show us that not only can you see the world on a budget, you can make it a better place too.

The Legendary Adventures of Anna  

For 5 years, Anna Kate has been a full-time solo adventure traveler. Being alone didn’t stop her from hiking Trolltunga in Norway, bungee jumping in Ecuador, and taking twelve hours of buses across the Dominican Republic

Local Leo                

A travel blog for millennials on a budget featuring tons of travel inspiration, advice, guides and personal experiences from around the world.

One Mile at a Time            

The man behind One Mile at a Time is Ben Schlappig, blogger and expert at using airline miles and hotel points for luxury travel. Also known as Lucky, Ben has been traveling since a young age and spent one summer flying back and forth across the country to earn miles and points for his family trip to Europe. He chronicles his travels and thoughts about traveling in posts at One Mile at a Time.

The Savvy Backpacker                    

The ultimate guide for budget backpackers, The Savvy Backpacker offers honest, in-depth, independent travel advice for backpacking through Europe. James and Susan are the husband-and-wife team behind The Savvy Backpacker, and they seek to help travelers plan their own budget backpacking trips to Europe. The blog also features many product reviews, so readers will have a better idea of which gear to purchase.



A collaborative project with a diverse group of photographers, writers, adventurers, and conservationists, who bring their readers a world of inspiring and thought-provoking stories.

Matador Network             

Matador Network is the destination for travelers who want to be part of a worldwide travel community. This global community of travel writers, filmmakers, photographers, and journalists shares original stories and videos to encourage you to travel without fear. Explore posts in categories including travel, outdoor, food and nightlife, family, culture, and lifestyle.

Sidetracked Magazine       

An adventure travel magazine and online journal that features a collection of personal stories of adventure travel, exploration, journeys and expeditions from different writers. It captures the emotion and experience of adventure and expeditions throughout the world, and inspires you to head out on your own adventures.

That Travel Blog                 

Travel blogger and online entrepreneur, Dave Weatherall not only blogs about his own travels and adventures, but he also helps ambitious bloggers make money online so they can travel, too. He has traveled and worked in more than 20 countries around the world and shares advice for beginner travel bloggers and others who want to advance your blogs to the next level.

The Travel Episodes           

Expect inspiring travel reports by a selection of different authors as they recount their adventures using text, film and photography. Unlike many other travel blogs, the focus of this website by Johannes Klaus is on the story, with none of the other distracting elements you find on many blogs.


Along Dusty Roads             

Andrew and Emily first published their travel blog in 2014 from a sweatbox room in Guatemala, and it is now read by hundreds of thousands of travelers. It has won a few awards and been featured in magazines and newspapers. It’s not about quitting your job to travel, it’s about making the most of your travel experiences.

Goats on the Road            

Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift write about living and traveling in exotic places around the world on Goats on the Road. The couple has been traveling for nearly eight years and love chasing adventures, seeking new cultures, and documenting their trips through video, photography, and written blog posts.

Local Adventurer                

Local Adventurer, a travel lifestyle blog, moves Esther JuLee and her husband Jacob to a new city each year, because they spend one year in each location to learn as much as they can about their new home before moving on. Readers easily navigate the blog by choosing to read about recent adventures, city guides, hikes and outdoors, national parks, packing guides, best places to stay, and the ultimate bucket list.

Mapping Megan                 

Imagine being American and falling in love with an Aussie in Tanzania, Africa, getting married with a volcano as a backdrop, and then continue traveling the world as a pair. Megan has skydived in the Swiss Alps, gone sand-boarding in Peru, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, and overcome the obstacles of a traveling as a couple.

The Planet D                       

Deb and Dave started their transcontinental journey pursuing careers as musicians. Reality hit and they pursued creative, yet conventional careers abroad in Toronto. Eventually, they made their dreams into goals and became full-time travelers.

Salt in Our Hair                  

Salt in Our Hair is a travel blog by Hannah and Nick, a couple of creatives from Holland who started sharing their experiences on Instagram and now write about them. Readers gain a dose of inspiration from Hannah and Nick’s posts, which include travel tips, destination suggestions, and more from their first-hand travel experiences.


Alison’s Adventures           

Alison Teal was a “Tarzan Child” raised in the wild by award-winning National Geographic photographers. She has been deemed “The Oprah of Adventure,” yet holds degrees from USC and UC Berkley. A pioneer in sustainability, the avid surfer also advocates for Go Green.  

Soul Travel Blog                             

Ellie Cleary is the woman behind Soul Travel Blog, a blog that inspires travelers to make a positive impact through sustainable, responsible, and mindful travel. Ellie is a full-time nomad working on the blog and other sustainable travel initiatives. Her posts include guides to sustainable travel, tips for responsible travel, and destination suggestions.

Uncornered Market           

Through their stories, and speaking about sustainable tourism, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are creating a movement of travelers who live at the intersection of adventure, deep travel and life experiences. More than 90 countries later, they are still going… and still married.

Vanessa Rivers                   

Vanessa went beyond her love of surfing and travel to create an eco-friendly swimwear line. The fabric consists of “100% regenerated polyamide fiber made from pre-consumer and post-consumer materials such as fishing nets, carpet fluff, and other waste diverted from landfills.


The Adventuring Millennial           

Stephanie, a 20-something millennial with a serious case of wanderlust, shares travel tips and experiences from the past 6 years. She is a budget-conscious traveler and Instagram-foodie.

Girl Gone Travel                 

A public relations pro turned award-winning travel and food blogger, Carol Cain is the woman behind Girl Gone Travel. Carol provides inspiration for friends, families, and lovers who want to travel, eat, and live life to the fullest. Because she wants to inspire everyone to hit the road and see all the world has to offer, Carol provides quick links to adventures, family adventures, girlfriend getaways, good eats and wine, hotels, local fun, and national parks on Girl Gone


Mark Wiens is a self-professed food-obsessed travel blogger, video producer and guide author who shares food and travel tips with readers at Migrationology. As Mark says, this is the blog for people who are willing to “travel across the world just to eat something delicious.” Choose travel guides for food lovers based on your next destination, or browse the latest blog posts to learn more about tasty treats from around the world.


Lost With Purpose              

Originally from the United States, Alex decided to quit her desk job to travel the world for a while, living out of a backpack, wandering aimlessly, and often getting lost with a purpose. Her current trajectory is taking her completely off the beaten path, with stories from destinations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

The Millennial Nomad                  

Theo’s goal is to inspire you to travel and to instill confidence that trips of any size are both worth it and possible to achieve. It is also to show that not every nomadic experience is necessarily perfect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth having. Here you will find beautiful inspiration and helpful information that will hopefully help you plan trips to come.

Nerd Nomads         

Nerd Nomads, Maria and Espen, are Norwegian adventurers and travel bloggers who have visited more than 30 countries and counting. Their travel blog focuses on adventure travel and experiences and includes posts, photography, and destination guides to spark your own wanderlust.

Nomad Revelations        

João Leitão is a travel expert, photographer, blogger, and world explorer who motivates and inspires others to travel and have fascinating experiences. His Nomad Revelations travel blog features tales of his intense journeys into more than 126 countries across six continents and Oceania.

The Poor Traveler          

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos are full-time travelers who blog in the hopes of helping fellow travelers avoid the mistakes they made when they started traveling. They live a location-independent lifestyle and explore country after country while writing about their adventures. Yoshke and Vins also focus on traveling on a budget to help anyone who wants to travel understand how to do it without breaking the bank.

The Shooting Star               

Shivya Nath, at age 23 (in 2011), quit her corporate job to travel the world. She lives a nomadic life, seeks adventures off the beaten path, and works on the go to fund her travels.

Wandering Earl                  

In 1999, Derek left the United States for a three-month, post-graduation trip to Asia. The idea was to backpack around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and then return home. That adventure is still going on today. It’s now been over 18 years of nonstop travel and Derek has visited 100+ countries, sharing his experiences and thoughts.


Audio Soup - Ciler Gecici               

Turkish hospitality and kindness will have you loving Ciler, a photographer, music junkie, and world traveler. An Istanbul native who reminds us that home itself has many wonders; she’ll also take you from Tanzania to Greece.

Brendan’s Adventures                   

Brendan van Son is a professional travel photographer and journalist who writes about his adventures and shares his photos from more than 100 countries on Brendan’s Adventures. He also shares his travel advice and travel guides by continent while inspiring readers to start their own adventures.

Bucketlisty Travel Blog                 

With over 65+ countries over 7 years, Pete is an inspiration. He is a travel filmmaker, a photographer, a digital nomad, a design freelancer, and a solo traveler, telling his travel stories through a combination of award-winning travel videos, gorgeous photography and immersive writing all in one.

Everything Everywhere                 

Three-time Travel Photographer of the Year, Gary Arndt has traveled to more than 180 countries on all seven continents. He shares his breathtaking photos and stories of his travels, in addition to his free 100-page travel photography eBook, in the Everything Everywhere Travel Blog.

Expert Vagabond                

Matt Karsten is the adventure travel writer, photographer, and videographer behind Expert Vagabond. He’s been a full-time travel blogger for seven years, sharing his entertaining stories, useful travel tips, engaging videos, and inspiring photographs with visitors to Expert Vagabond. Take a look around the site, and you’ll be motivated to add more adventure to your life.

Hand Luggage Only                    

Hand Luggage Only is a travel and photography blog by Yaya and Lloyd, who love to travel and eat; thus, their blog is described as coming “with a side of food and photography inspiration.” Their goal in starting the blog was to share their travel stories and photos with like-minded travelers and connect with others around the world to have a two-way conversation, and it is safe to say that have achieved that goal, judging from the number of followers they have and the quality of their posts.

Solo Female

Adventurous Kate             

Kate McCulley, aka Adventurous Kate, is a professional traveler who shares her adventures with readers in her solo female travel blog posts. We love this blog because it includes travel resources, is easy to search, and allows you to browse Kate’s adventures by destination.

Anna Everywhere               

Anna is a world traveler who has visited over 77 countries and lived on 5 continents, discovering their cultures, history and learning languages. She shows you the different aspects of travel experiences, and how can you travel with purpose and learn from it. 

Ashley Abroad                    

Ashley Abroad is a travel and lifestyle blog about adventure, language learning and solo female travel authored by twenty-something Ashley. It is also an online portfolio for her writing and photography, as well as a great tool to meet other travelers, writers, and like-minded people.   

Be My Travel Muse            

The UCSB alumni traded banking for solo hikes and hitchhiking throughout Asia. A digital nomad, Kristin Addis continues to be a full-time adventure seeker across borders and is your go-to female travel blogger.

The Blonde Abroad        

Goodbye corporate life, hello food, fashion, and festivals around the world. Kiersten Rich is a keynote speaker, brand consultant, and global advocate for female adventure. She kicked the cubicle, and even features a series on her blog of women who have challenged traditional careers for a professional life of adventure.

Dame Traveler                    

Bedridden from back surgery, Nastasia Yakoub developed a female-empowering community through Instagram which has since become a motivational blog. Nastasia also recently release a coffee table book featuring her favorite solo female travelers.


Milou is a 26 year old entrepreneur that travels the world. She inspires female millennials to live a more adventurous life through her travel guides, tips and videos.

Jessie on a Journey        

Jessie Festa is a solo, active travel addict and blog coach who shares her tips and adventures on Jessie on a Journey. The blog takes readers “beyond the guidebook” and helps you live your best life through travel, immersive cultural experiences, and unexpected adventures. Jessie also strives to show everyone, regardless of financial status or relationship status, that you can explore the world and enrich your life with local encounters.

To Europe and Beyond                  

Marie-Eve Valliéres travels the world and blogs at To Europe and Beyond. She blogs to show readers that traveling is empowering and safe, can be luxurious yet sensible, and fulfilling on several levels. If you’re new to the blog, check out the Best Of section and then explore the blog, which includes destination suggestions, itineraries, and recommendations for your next adventure.

World of Wanderlust         

At twenty-two, Brooke Saward left her home in Tasmania, Australia to conquer the globe. She quickly became an internet sensation, and sells e-books, created an app, and blogs trans-continentally, 100% full time.

Young Adventuress           

Liz got her first taste for traveling at 16 years old. On her own, 12 years and 50+ countries later, her wanderlust has grown and the list of countries she wants to visit is longer. 

Travel Tips

David’s Been Here              

David Hoffman is a travel host who is passionate about meeting new people, going new places, and experiencing new cultures. His digital media company, David’s Been Here, delivers travel inspiration and advice to readers, features episodes documenting his travels across six continents, and shares information about travel and lifestyle brands.

Fox Nomad             

Anil Polat is a digital nomad traveling the world indefinitely and writing about his adventures in his blog, foXnoMad. Readers love foXnoMad because Anil shares tips and tech that help you travel smarter. He writes twice a week, so the content is always fresh on this top travel blog

I Am Aileen             

Aileen Adalid is a Filipina travel blogger who shares helpful tips from her travels around the world, as well as advice for becoming a digital nomad (she sells custom gear on Amazon). She hopes to show readers that you, too, can create a life of travel by sharing detailed travel guides, adventures, resources, tips, and more.

Keep Calm and Travel       

Clelia Mattana has been a globetrotter for more than 16 years. She is passionate about traveling and blogging to show others that you can travel regardless of your age, budget, or status. Clelia’s Keep Calm and Travel posts include tips for planning and packing for a trip, stores about her travels, and guides to various parts of the world.

Notes from the Road        

Eric Gauger shares “the messy truth of travel, told by a regular guy.” Everything from organizing for travel to the importance of science to travel bloggers, to traveling through the deserts of Mexico and the fight to save the marine wilderness of Guana Cay.

Pommie Travels                 

Pommie Travels is award-winning travel blog established in 2009, featuring inspiration and tips for anyone wishing to travel the world. Growing up in Manchester, England, Victoria gives you the best tips she has learned from all her years of travel, and to help you save money while you're at it!

Rick Steves             

Rick Steves is a guidebook author, television and radio host, and business owner who is a respected authority on European travel. His travel blog presents his travel experiences, opinions, and political observations as well as the insights he’s gained from traveling abroad. You’ll also find plenty of videos sprinkled throughout the blog.

Why Wait to See the World?          

Formerly Twenty-Something Travel, Why Wait to See the World? is a travel blog specifically for millennials. Travelers Stephanie and Megan chronicle their adventures around the world in this blog and share tips, advice, and local finds with readers.

With full-time job

A Dangerous Business                    

Amanda Williams is a travel blogger and adventure-seeker. Her travel blog, A Dangerous Business, is loosely based on her love of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which inspired her to travel to New Zealand after graduating from high school. Amanda is not a full-time traveler, but she has visited more than 50 countries on six continents and reminds readers that you don’t have to quit your job or leave your loved ones behind to experience adventure.

Lauren Bath            

Recognized as Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, Lauren Bath will take you from Alberta to Dubai on your mobile device. A marketing strategist specializing in tourism, she created a dreamy new career after giving up life as a chef.

Goldie Berlin           

Imagine being so good at what you do - traveling and taking pictures - that you can develop an entire company connecting fellow influencers to brands. Germany based founder of Brandnew IO manages her business while country hopping.

Coat and Coffee                 

A millennial traveling the world with a 9-to-5 job, and helping others to do the same. Focused on curating the most instagrammable places around the world, and promoting a balanced lifestyle of work and play - because you shouldn't have to quit your job to travel the world! 

Andrea Fzecko, Ultra World Host   

Because a degree from NYU isn’t enough, Andrea jet sets around the world to host ULTRA Music Festival.

The Millennial Runaway                

Charlie is a part-time traveler rebelling against societal pressures and traveling by whatever means necessary. This blog is for millennials who want to travel more without giving up their career and home life. You will find travel tips, travel advice, travel inspiration and more!

Laurie Satran          

Moving from Philly to Amsterdam, then a small town in Sweden, Laurie spent her weekends exploring Europe and discovering her true self. An “Ikea Backpacker,” photographer and Huffington Post blogger, Laurie is jet-setting proof that you can always pursue your wildest dreams.

Travel Break           

The journey of Stephanie Be, an American-Latina woman with a fervent passion for people, places, and entrepreneurship. Globetrotting to over 250 destinations, Stephanie always found a way to work while traveling: studying abroad, living as an expat overseas, working remote as a digital nomad, and eventually, starting two high-growth businesses in the tourism industry.


Cultural Travel

You want to learn about another culture, but don’t know how to go about doing it. Here are a few organizations that specialize in helping adults and teens plan immersive travel adventures to experience other cultures:

Culture Trip                

Inspires people to go beyond their cultural boundaries and experience what makes a place, its people and culture, special, unique and meaningful. A global startup operating in experiences and travel, media and entertainment. Won many accolades for its inspirational content, work for brand partners and advertising clients, and the growing impact of its brand. Named by Forbes as one of the fastest-growing companies to watch.

EF Tours                  

Providing immersive, life-changing education through language learning and cultural exchange for over 55 years. Designs tours to help educators teach and student learn about other perspectives and themselves.

National Geographic Expeditions

Connects people with cultures around the world – such as taking part in colorful festivals and lively traditions, exploring bustling markets and sampling local cuisine.


Offers 1 – 4 week courses that mix a short language course with a range of activities for an immersive experience in the country of your choice. Choose from 20 trips in 5 countries.

Transitions Abroad           

Magazine that provides information to enable empathetic travelers to meet people of other countries, learn about their culture, learn to speak their language, and transition to a new level of appreciation for the world.

Travel for Teens                 

Provides transformative travel experiences in 46 countries to inspire youth. Offering over 100 programs, each program is hands-on so teens discover what it means to live like a local.


A leader in experiential learning for students of all ages, with over 50 years of success providing over 9 million students with outstanding travel experiences.


Purposeful Travel

You are looking for more than just a vacation, you want to plan a trip with a purpose. But you don’t know how to go about planning a trip like that. Here are a few organizations that specialize in purposeful travel experiences:

Coddiwomple Journeys                 

Provides highly experiential trips with opportunities to deep dive into the local culture and heritage, by designing unique experiences for the discerning traveler. The experience remains real and spontaneous, yet professionally organized and executed. Ensures a personal touch for every itinerary by working individually with each client.

Discover Corps                  

Created by a former Peace Corps volunteer, it offers:

  • Cultural Immersion – hands on projects that impact local people and wildlife
  • Sustainable Travel – preserve the character of a place
  • All Encompassing – all-inclusive pricing, fun time
  • Turnkey Customer Service – full service and online portal
  • Distinctive Accommodations – comfortable, eco-friendly, biodiverse

Global Volunteers              

Provides human and economic development to hundreds of communities in 35 countries since 1984. Maintains sustained community-based partnerships and offers short-term assignments on long-term community-defined projects.

Global Works           

Founded in 1989, provides intentional, authentic, service-learning teen travel programs which reflect a commitment to sustainability and collaboration with local communities. Combines community service and adventure travel not only to learn about the world, but to be inspired to improve ourselves.


Eco-tourism company since 2006 with a varied selection of affordable, ethical volunteer projects abroad. Has sent thousands of individuals to participate in over 150 community, wildlife and environmental initiatives all over the world.

Go Overseas           

Empowers human connection through perspective-changing travel. Explore the 46,000+ reviews/photos, 2,500+ articles and 100,000+ members of their community.


Building a global network of people united by their passion to make a difference. Runs programs in 21 locations in 13 countries, manned by their own staff and aligned with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Intentional Travelers 

Helps people think outside of the box with trip ideas, shares examples of transformational travel and connects people to partner organizations that make travel dreams a reality. Helps to make intentional travel easier, more affordable and more meaningful.

International Volunteer HQ          

Provides affordable volunteer travel experiences that are responsible, safe and high quality. Established in 2007, works in over 40 destinations and places thousands of volunteers each year.

Projects Abroad                             

Helping participants fulfill their potential and make the world a better place for over 25 years. Provides the gold standard of support and safety, so participants can fulfill their potential, discover themselves and create positive change in the world.

Purposeful Nomad             

Curating unique travel experiences around the world. Focuses on active, ethical connections, education, self-care and authentic experiences. Every trip offers a unique blend of adventure, self-care and socially-responsible service. You can customize your experience to suit your needs.

United Planet                   

Connects volunteers who want to make a difference with communities in over 30 countries, where they learn, teach, work, engage and immerse themselves in a culture outside their comfort zone.

Volunteer World               

International volunteer opportunity comparison platform offering over 1,700 projects abroad. Opportunities from 200+ organizations in 81 countries, with over 97,600 registered volunteers. Offers refund guarantee and free reservation changes.

World Endeavors             

Provides meaningful intern and volunteer programs in 25 countries for students of all ages. Programs are focused on immersive, hands-on learning, creating unique opportunities for cross-cultural understanding. 


Tour Groups

No, we’re not talking about your grandparents’ tour group. No shuffleboard or bridge tournaments. These tour groups plan exciting and adventurous trips for millennials. If you don’t want to travel solo and you like meeting new people, millennial tour groups can be a great way to travel. Here are some of the best millennial tour groups around:

Contiki Travel         

Brings together travelers from all corners of the globe to discover new cultures and a little part of themselves along the way. Across 350+ global trips, sorts out the stressful stuff like transport and accommodations, leaving you with unique travel experiences you wouldn’t be able to book on your own. Throughout your trip, expert Trip Managers and Local Guides use their local insights to help you discover an authentic side to the places you visit.

EF Ultimate Break                          

Over 65 group trips to choose from. Includes flights, ground transportation, accommodations, tour director and local guides. Committed to travel safety and customer service excellence for over 50 years.

Flash Pack              

Curates unique and stylish trips for anyone in the millennial age bracket. Trips are designed for solo travelers in their late 20s through 40s who are looking for an authentic and adventurous experience. Specializes in high-quality, flexible, boutique accommodations.

For the Love of Travel                    

Hosts amazing experiences around the world and connects you with likeminded people to share the memories with. Helps you get the most out of the places you visit, while stilling giving you the freedom and flexibility to personalize your travel and explore at your own pace.

G Adventures                  

The leader in small group adventure travel for nearly 30 years. Offers flexible itineraries, freedom to explore, smaller groups, safety and peace of mind, and locally based guides who show you your destination in a way you would miss traveling any other way.

International Volunteer HQ          

Established in 2007, has become the world’s leading volunteer travel company, working in over 40 destinations around the world and placing thousands of volunteers abroad every year. Focused on providing affordable volunteer travel experiences that are responsible, safe and high quality. 

Intrepid 18 – 29s

Is a responsible business, committed to making a real difference – by investing in local communities, human rights initiatives, wildlife conservation projects and the environment. Operates in a responsible manner and incorporates principles of sustainable tourism and development into the way they provide travelers with real life experiences.

Travel Talk             

Strives to create the most unique and authentic traveling experiences. Offers fascinating destinations, expert guides, like-minded travelers, premium accommodation and travel, and competitive prices. Makes your trip the experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank.


A group travel company exclusively for young professionals. Coordinating schedules among friends can be hard, but it shouldn’t keep you from taking that once in a lifetime trip. Plan trips that bring together like-minded young adults to travel the world and form meaningful relationships along the way.

Trek America          

Operating since 1972, offers excursions for North and Central America. Tours are exclusively for young travelers aged 18 to 38, group size of 13 to 30 people, and itineraries of 3 days to 3 months. For young travelers more interested in exploring and making new experiences than in partying.

Topdeck Travel                  

Devoted to making your travel dreams a reality. You’ll meet a bunch of curious, like-minded travelers who are ready to delve deeper – minus the pesky logistics and hassle of riding solo. And if you need local tips, their Trip Leaders are the experts.


Founded in 2012 with the mission of making travel more accessible to young people,

Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole traveled across the globe, getting to know locals and finding off the beaten path experiences. With the help of their local friends, amazing network of boutique hotels, and the desire to make a positive impact on local communities, their company was named one of the fastest growing private companies ‍in America by Inc. 5000.

Wind Collective                  

A global travel community expressing freedom through adventure and creativity. Hosts monthly group travel experiences for the constantly curious, the daringly brave, who have a sense of wonder about the world and know life is too short not to explore it. Every trip is crafted alongside local partners in their destinations in collaboration with their creative team to provide you with an immersive experience.


Travel Apps

Quick access to services and information by smartphone can be even more important while traveling than at home. The ability to react quickly to events and changes in plans can make the difference between an amazing trip and a disappointing one. There are a lot of great travel-related apps for your phone that will help you find what you’re looking for and save you money. To help you out, we’ve assembled a directory of some popular travel apps, organized by type of app for your convenience:

Air Travel



Ground Travel


Language Translation







Air Travel


Helps with jet lag. Uses scientific data to help your body clock adjust quickly to different time zones. All you have to do is enter your typical sleep patterns and your preferred sleep and wake-up times and the app will make a customized plan that will help you adjust as you travel.


Timing can make all the difference in finding a good deal on airfare. This app analyzes billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change, and then tells you when it’s the best time to buy your tickets with 95% accuracy. Named the best travel app in 2015 by Apple.


A popular search engine in Europe, valuable to U.S. travel agents because it is a really clean interface that includes flights on budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet that are missing from most air search engines.


Helps get good airline seats. You won’t end up in an undesirable seat when you use the seat charts on this powerhouse site. Every aircraft type on every major airline in the world is included.


For airline geeks who love deals, this app is adept at finding so-called "hidden city" tickets that will allow stopovers, usually at a lower cost than nonstop flights.


Wave goodbye to jetlag and adjust quickly to new time zones with Timeshifter. Developed by renowned scientists, the app aims to reduce symptoms of jet lag through resynchronizing your body clock with small actions at specific times of the day.


Like a Local             

Helps you find those cool and hidden spots that locals like to hang out and missing the tourist traps. All content is created by selected locals who have lived in their city for years and really know what they’re talking about.


Helps you get the best from destinations by providing a great choice of local tours and attractions. Offers a great guide to museums, tours, performances, dining, sports, nightlife and more.

Spotted by Locals              

Offers guides to 55 European cities and 11 in North America curated by locals with the latest information on what is cool and trendy. The best spots for music, shopping, coffee and bars are included. The price of the app includes free updates for life.


Tells you where the people are and where the fun is. The app maps out the neighborhood events, hot spots, museums and more. It functions as a social events planner and gives you fun suggestions of what to do in the area just as if you were a local.



An enticing app for foodies because it is written by a large collection of well-regarded chefs who share their recommendations for restaurants throughout the U.S., Canada and London.


This app for travelers helps them identify local foods and beverages so they can decipher menus like a local. Akin to having your own menu translator sharing your chopsticks.


Hailed as the Airbnb of dining, the app offers users thousands of options to dine at host homes in over 130 countries, to experience the flavors and tastes indigenous to a destination.

The Fork                 

A valuable app for Europe-bound clients. The Fork points out the best restaurants and offers maps, reviews, sample menu items and even discount coupons for many featured restaurants.

Foursquare City Guide                   

Tell the app what your favorite foods are and it will show you only places that meet your profile. You can choose to follow those with similar tastes worldwide.

Ground travel


Gives you access to maps and guides to over 7,000 destinations around the world that you can pre-download onto your phone. Perfect for those travelling to places with limited internet connection.


If you are heading to the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, this app is a must for your smartphone. The travel planning platform features millions of adventurous road trips and unique locations. Users can select a route, plan stops along the way, and share their journey with friends. Can book a hotel and save places of interest to visit later.


A car service that is trusted, verified, reliable and taking over the transportation industry. Helpful in an unfamiliar place when you can’t or don’t want to take the bus, can’t pay for a cab, unable to drive, or if you don’t know how to get where you’re going.



A simple way to record and share your travel adventures. Create beautiful albums that can include text entries and important photos. Selectively share the URL for your album with whoever you like so you never have to worry about the entire world seeing what you’ve been up to.


Create an entire digital journal of your travels using a red line to trace the exact route. It monitors speed and altitude, and users can add photos, videos and audio en route, returning home with a multimedia journal that can be shared with friends.

Language Translation


Helps you with everyday language practice in countries where English isn’t so common. You can choose from Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and English.

Google Translate    

Speak a phrase into this app and it will repeat the phrase back in the language you desire. Direct translations don’t always fall in line with conversational translations, so keep your phrases short clear if you’re fully relying on the app.



A service that lists one-of-a-kind rental accommodations in nearly 200 countries across the world. Makes everywhere in the world feel like home, and with nearly incomparable prices and less hidden fees than your average hotel stay, the benefits are nearly unmatched.             

Offers access to thousands of hotels, and with its filtering options, you can quickly find the room that best suits your needs. Check its "Deals for Tonight" feature for deep discounts on last-minute bookings, while "Your Secret Price" can offer savings up to 50%.


In addition to being able to book flights and cars, Travelocity's mobile app has access to some 300,000 hotels. You'll also find hotel reviews, 24/7 customer support, and a guarantee that it'll match any room price and refund the difference if you find a cheaper rate online.


Since 1995, they strive to find every family the space they need to relax, reconnect, and enjoy precious time away together. Has grown into a trusted global vacation brand with a unique selection of 2+ million whole homes all over the world.



For pet-lovers, this app makes travelling with your furry friends a piece of cake. BringFido can do everything from mapping out parks where dogs are welcome to booking pet-friendly hotels.   


Simple, secure and reliable messaging and voice or video calling for free on phones all over the world. Can create group chats with up to 256 people. Can share documents, photos and videos.



If you’re planning on visiting multiple countries on your trip, this app can help you stay on top of your finances. Currency provides up-to-date exchange rates for over 150 currencies and countries and allows you to add up to 10 different currencies at a time.

Trail Wallet            

Allows users to set a custom budget in your local currency and add in costs as and when needed. A chart and daily breakdown of expenses is provided. Quickbooks Cloud application can be an alternative for this as it’s a cloud-based app which can be accessed remotely using an Azure WVD.

XE Currency            

If you are flipping between currencies, keep on top of your spending with the XE Currency app, a useful tool for calculating live conversion rates in over 180 countries. In addition, the app continuously updates so it can work without internet.



The merging of artificial intelligence and an actual human who knows travel planning. You simply tell the app what you need after first giving LOLA enough information about your personal preferences to enable the computer to make the best possible decisions on your behalf.

Packing Pro            

If you want to pack like a pro and eliminate your chances of overpacking, this app can help you save money by helping you organize what you’ve packed based on your travel destination and the duration of your trip.


Functions as a planning service for your vacation by allowing you to read intensively curated reviews, photos, suggestions and more. You can also plan an itinerary.


Ideal for those with a serious case of wanderlust as it allows users to organize multiple flights, hotel reservations, rental car bookings, and trip activities all in one place. Users can also follow along with each other’s itineraries, allowing their families or friends to keep tabs on someone’s travel without constant updates.


Helps you plan out the details of your trip itinerary once you know your destination. The app brags that it will “handle the rest” after you book your flight. It’s intended to make your travel life more organized by making a master itinerary for your trip.



This in case of emergency app lets you send an instant message to your contacts, alerting them of your situation and location. The app sends a notification via messenger, email or text, with the option to send a scheduled message, even if your phone loses battery or is out of service.

TravelSafe Pro                               

This app compiles local emergency numbers, embassy details, and other potentially lifesaving info that you might need if you were to encounter a threatening situation.

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