Using Social Media for Trip Ideas

Using Social Media for Trip Ideas

How to Use Social Media to Get Trip Ideas

There was a time when most trip ideas came from casual conversation with a neighbor or coworker, noticing an ad in a magazine or receiving a brochure in the mail. But times are changing. These days more and more trips are being inspired by social media.

How Often is Social Media Used for Trip Ideas? 

Browsing through your friends’ vacation photos on Facebook or Instagram has become more than just a form of recreation. According to a recent survey, 30% of all travelers say they use social media to find inspiration for their trips, and 52% of Facebook users say friends’ photos inspire their travel plans.

And there are certainly a lot of vacation photos on Facebook to choose from. Sharing travel photos on social media has become wildly popular, with 97% of millennials sharing photos on social media while traveling.

Beyond the overall idea for the trip, social media is helping people make choices on specific aspects of their trip. Facebook is used by 47% of people to make restaurant plans. To choose attractions to visit, 41% of people use YouTube, 38% use Instagram and 17% use Snapchat. To choose experiences, such as concerts or bike rides, 17% of people use Twitter. Since it is becoming so popular, let’s take a look at some ways you can use social media platforms to inspire your next trip.


If you’re a Facebook user with a lot of friends, you can usually get quite a bit of good travel information by simply creating a post asking for suggestions. But you can also use the Recommendations function to get location-specific suggestions.

If you’re a serious traveler, you might want to join a Facebook travel group to gather information from like-minded travelers. Once you are at your destination, you can select Events and see the activities happening near your location. You can also search for Foodies under your destination to find those hidden restaurant gems.


Instagram makes it easy to find beautiful photos of your destination. Simply search the name of your destination, select Tags at the top of your search results page and select your city to see plenty of great photos. You can watch stories on short video clips about your destination by pressing the circle in the left corner after searching your destination. Selecting Places at the top right of the search page will show everyone’s tagged photos and videos about your destination. Or you could just type #travel to see what adventures other travelers are experiencing.

Instagram also offers a geo-tag feature so you can nail down specific locations, find things to do nearby and simplify the logistics of getting there. But it doesn’t end there. You can find amazing travel blogs on Instagram, such as Earthpix and Beautiful Destinations, or you can follow a city or country’s tourism board. The possibilities are endless.


Pinterest offers a wide variety of information about a destination. Not only can you find information about hotels and other local businesses, it offers information and articles about hikes, packing lists, the best time to travel there, and so much more. Pinterest makes it easy to create boards into topics and pin photos and blog posts to those boards. You can organize an entire trip with all of the information and tools in Pinterest.


Twitter is another helpful travel tool. You can search hashtags for your destination and look for event posting, tourism boards and other helpful travel information. You can follow frequent travelers or travel experts on Twitter. Or you can simply tweet out your travel-related questions and watch the answers roll in. You can even tweet travel companies with questions about their services and get answers.

Other Channels

There are more travel tools beyond the most popular social media platforms. One example is Reddit Travel, which is a community forum where people post vacation photos and stories. It offers travel threads such as "Shoestring" for budget-minded people wanting good deals, cheap destinations and more affordable travel options.

There are also specialty travel threads, such as DisneyTravel, that share some useful secrets for Disney trips. Another example is Travello, which is a social media app dedicated to connecting tourists with each other. It offers social feeds, interest groups, maps, travel deals and local attractions.

Why Use Social Media for Trip Ideas?

When considering a place to visit, you can get much more information from people who have already experienced the place than you can from a brochure or website about it. Social media offers an opportunity to get several unbiased perspectives on a destination, rather than listening to one friend who may have different tastes than you do.

With so many wonderful travel experiences being shared on social media, there’s a good chance you’ll discover new places and ways to travel that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. You’ll also lessen the chance of getting stuck in a place that other people have already discovered to be horrible, which can save you time and money and a lot of grief.

Many of life’s best memories come from vacations and overseas trips, and more of those memories are being inspired by social media. It has become an efficient way to reap the benefits of other people’s travel experience and create an adventure of a lifetime. 

Protect Your Trip

An important lesson to be learned from experienced travelers is that they protect their trips from being ruined by buying travel insurance. They have learned that travel insurance protects them in the event of an illness, accident or other unexpected problem, so their trip can continue, and they won’t lose a lot of money. 

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